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Topic 2: Set Your Meditation Routine


If you are not familiar with the posture and technique of meditation, you may consider first taking the 3-part Learn to Meditate series in your Member’s library. Susan will go over basic instruction in this course but she will not be covering posture, which is crucial to a sustainable practice.


Take a moment now to decide exactly where you will be meditating. Decide which cushion or chair you will be using. If you can set up a designated space to be used each day, it is worth it to tidy it up and put some thought and energy into decorating or arranging it.


Now make a commitment to when you will meditate. The most common times are early in the morning or late in the evening before bed. Mark it in your calendar, set a reminder on your phone, write it down, do whatever you have to do to remember each day when its time to meditate. How long will you sit for? Remember, meditation is a way of being, not something to conquer. You can lengthen the sessions as your daily habit strengthens. At first, its better to set a daily goal that you can easily fulfill. Five minutes mindfully attending to the breath is actually a lot. Even one in-breath and out-breath, fully attended to, is more mindfulness than most people have in a day!

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