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Topic 1: How To Use This Course


This course is constructed into 3 elements: lessons, topics, and quizzes. Each lesson is made up of topics (you’re in a topic now) and quizzes. You complete the lesson by completing the topics and quizzes it contains, then you move on to the next lesson. As you complete topics, quizzes, and lessons they will automatically be marked as complete in the course home page, so you can easily pick up where you left off the next time you login.

Above you can click “Return to Lesson Page” to go back without completing the topic. Or, once you have completed the topic, you can go on to the next topic by clicking “Mark Complete”.


Although there are many fascinating concepts discussed in this course the main point is to support you in making a habit of meditation. This way you can experience wisdom directly. We recommend moving slowly through the course, completing a lesson every day, or maybe every other day. Use the teachings in this course as guidance and inspiration for your daily practice.