Embodied Emotions

Dr. Erika Rosenberg

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Dr. Erika Rosenberg


Erika Rosenberg, Ph.D. is a world-renowned expert on facial expression of emotion and a meditation teacher who specializes in compassion cultivation. She’s a senior investigator on the Shamatha Project (a comprehensive study of the effects of intensive meditation) at U.C. Davis, a Senior Teacher @ Stanford’s Center for Compassion & Altruism Research and Education, and faculty @ The Nyingma Institute of Tibetan Studies, Berkeley. Erika teaches in settings as diverse as Google, Inc., Upaya Zen Center, and Burning Man. She’s published widely on facial expression, emotion, and meditation.

You can visit Dr. Rosenberg’s website here to find out more about her work on the facial expressions of emotion and read her book What the Face Reveals. You can also access the Shamatha Project to see the research she is involved in and the findings of intense contemplative training. Be sure to follow her on Twitter (@ER_Face_Maven) for more updates.

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