An Online Summit on

Buddhism, Meditation, and Insight

November 13 – 16

Watch From Home as Respected Meditation Teachers, Psychologists, and Philosophers Explore a Profound Path of Meditation, Inquiry, and Insight

Sharon Salzberg

Zenju Earthlyn Manuel

Dr. Jay Garfield

Dr. Rick Hanson

Dr. Kelly McGonigal

Robert Wright

David Nichtern

Rev. angel Kyodo williams

Dr. B. Alan Wallace

Susan Piver

Acharya Holly Gayley

Acharya Fleet Maull

Anam Thubten

Dr. Evan Thompson

Larry Yang

Elizabeth Mattis-Namgyel

A 4-Day Guided Exploration of Mind, Self, and Reality

DAY 1 | Nov 13

Balancing the Mind

A mind at peace sees things more clearly. Learn how to balance your mind and relax into our human nature.

DAY 2 | Nov 14

Cutting through Confusion

Learn how to work with the obstacles that distort our relationship with ourselves, each other, and our environment.

DAY 3 | Nov 15

Realizing the Nature of Self

Looking deeply into our own human nature leads to surprising insights about who we really are and how we actually exist.

DAY 4 | Nov 16

Connecting to the Heart of Reality

When we glimpse the true nature of things, we uncover a rich and fulfilling path of kindness and compassion for all beings.

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Hosted by Shambhala Mountain Center

For over forty years, Shambhala Mountain Center has served as a place for people to come together to experience wisdom from many of the world’s most respected wisdom teachers. We are a 501c3 non-profit educational organization and meditation retreat center located in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado that was founded by the Tibetan meditation master Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche.

In October of 2014, the aspiration to expand our services beyond our mountain retreat center came to fruition in our first online summit: Awake in the World. Reality will be our fifth summit.


 The key message in Shambhala is peace – how you develop peace, how you train for peace. We need a model community and environment and I believe Shambhala Mountain Center can be that place. 

Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche

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