About this Course:

We realize that making a habit of meditation is difficult. We’ve created this course to help you succeed in that. The summit sessions, which are very rich in content, have been broken down into digestible pieces to help you fully absorb the wisdom and practical instruction contained in each. In addition, this course contains exclusive new sessions with Susan Piver, including a guided meditation (lesson 3) and tips for bringing the practice into your daily life (lesson 8).

How to Engage this Course:

We’ve designed this course to fit into your daily life. We recommend taking 1 or at most 2 lessons a day. At the same time, we strongly encourage you to set a daily meditation practice now! It can be as brief as 5 minutes per day. As Susan Piver says in lesson 4, it is more important to be consistent, especially at first. Visualize it now. Where will you sit? What cushion or chair will you use? How will you remind yourself to meditate each day? What time of day would be best? If you miss that time, how will you positively encourage yourself to make it up? Make sure to consider these questions and set a clear vision.

Set your Intention and Share it Below:

Meditation is a practice and a discipline that you simply have to enact for yourself, even with the support of this course. Throughout the lessons we include tips for making a habit of meditation, but here at the outset its crucial to set your intention to maintain a consistent practice for the coming days and weeks. It’s also important to set an intention to follow through in the completion of this course. Setting goals in this way is a contagious practice. It can permeate every activity and task you take up in life, whether its taking a course, creating a meditation routine, finishing a book, learning to play an instrument, or creating quality time with loved ones. So take a moment now to determine how much practice you plan to do each day (hint: start small to set yourself up for success), and set a meaningful intention to complete this course one day at a time.

In the comments section below you can share your intended daily practice time. Sharing your intention with others adds a bit of helpful pressure to follow through!

Meditation for Attention Course Lessons:

Click “Start Here” in the first lesson to get started. After you complete a lesson, a green check will appear so you can monitor your progress and easily pick up where you left off.