Calm Abiding Mini Meditation Course

About this Course:

Most of us struggle to create an everyday habit of meditation. We’ve created this course to help. These exclusive mini-course sessions with Acharya Holly Gayley will be quick but very rich in content, so we recommend not rushing through it. In lesson 1, you will hear about the view of shamatha, or Calm-Abiding meditation practice, and rouse your intention to engage in the formal practice.  In lesson 2, Acharya Gayley leads a guided shamatha meditation. In lesson 3, she’ll share her thoughts about bringing this practice off the cushion and into your daily life. We hope this course inspires you to deepen in your practice and allow yourself the time and space to truly relax, peacefully, abiding with the in and out breath. Ideally, you would spend a great deal of time stabilizing your mind before moving into the vipashyana practice in course 2 with Acharya Dan Hessey.

How to Engage this Course:

We’ve designed this course to fit into your daily life. We recommend taking 1 lesson per day and then coming back to the guided meditation a few times. The point is to cultivate your intention, not to complete the course. We also strongly encourage you to set a daily meditation practice now if you don’t have one already. Even 5 minutes of attending to the breath can be deeply impactful. It is more important to be consistent, especially if you are first starting out or refreshing a daily meditation practice.

Set your Intention and Share it Below:

Meditation is a discipline that you simply have to enact for yourself. So it is crucial to set your intention to maintain a consistent practice for the coming days and weeks to truly benefit and be able to fully examine the concepts introduced in this course. Setting goals and sticking with them is a contagious practice. It can permeate every activity and task you take up in life. So, take a moment now to determine and set your goal for your daily meditation practice time and share it below! (HINT: start small to set yourself up for success)

In the comments section below you can share your intended daily practice time. Sharing your intention with others adds a bit of helpful pressure to follow through!

Course Lessons:

Click on “Introduction to Calm Abiding Meditation” in the first lesson to get started. After you complete a lesson, a green check will appear so you can monitor your progress and easily pick up where you left off.