Learn the Principles and Practices of Mindfulness and Compassion with Some of Today’s Top Meditation Teachers, Researchers, and Thought Leaders

Beyond Mindfulness is a series of video lectures, dialogues, and guided meditations created to connect you to a community of wisdom holders, scientists, and socially engaged thought leaders. Each offers a unique perspective on mindfulness practices and illuminates how and why to cultivate compassion.

Learn from today’s most influential thinkers. Teachers including Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, Rev. Angel Kyodo Williams, and Joseph Goldstein will share their wisdom on mindfulness, compassion, spirituality, and how to better relate to your world.

Put your practice in action. The Beyond Mindfulness presenters ground their thought-provoking ideas with guided meditations and share the contemplations that have helped them gain leverage in their own lives.

Allow more joy into your life as neuroscientist Rick Hanson teaches us how to “soak in the good” with a simple 3 step process. Flourish in the midst of life’s challenges as health psychologist Kelly McGonigal offers a revolutionary approach to thinking that will change the way you relate to stress. Take your practice into the world as Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi provides a beautiful guided meditation to stir up the motivation we’ll need to help our environments.

Each and every teacher adds another dimension of insight and practice to your community committed to personal and social transformation. Join us on a journey Beyond Mindfulness! 

Sneak Peeks

Beyond Mindfulness: Day 1 Introduction with Acharya Fleet Maull

What Mindfulness Really Means with Joseph Goldstein

Natural Mindfulness: A Human Meditation with Janet Solyntjes

Viewer Testimonials

So very enlightening! I am so grateful to have this opportunity to learn from these marvelous individuals! Each day I look forward to listening, learning feeling as though I am studying from some of the greatest scholars…thank you for sharing this unique opportunity.

— Laura

Many, many blessings for the extraordinary quality of this series of spirit, joy and pith–very deep practitioners, teachers and fellow global pathfinders. My gratitude abounds. Thank you ALL!

— Malissa

We are so excited for this opportunity to listen to these speakers. We live out away from any centers and this is our first chance to hear these amazing minds. Thank you for making this available to all.

— Frances

Beautiful program. I learned so much, and it was such a rich and honest presentation. I loved seeing so many of the teachers in their own homes and environments. There’s so many different talks that the package seems like a real bargain. Thank you! Thank you! Great success! Ki-Ki, So-So!

— Kathy


  Mindfulness is an observing power of the mind, where we actually know that we’re knowing something.    

– Joseph Goldstein

  I define willpower as the ability to put your attention and energy toward the things that matter most to you, even when it’s difficult, uncomfortable, or some part of you has a conflict with that.    

– Dr. Kelly McGonigal

  Know that on the other side of it, on the other side of a burn, there is healing. It’s just going to take time.     

– Rev. Zenju Earthlyn Manuel

  The practice of meditation, as far as I can see, is a practice in learning how to love.    

– Lodro Rinzler

  Combining the practices of growing up (cognitive development) and waking up (mindfulness) gives humanity a real chance at awakening and peace.    

– Ken Wilber

  The very things that are our worst attributes are potentially our liberation, our wisdom.    

– Lama Tsultrim Allione

  As human beings, we need to contextualize our existence. We need to know who we are. This gives us the strength to look at another person.    

– Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche

  As we grow this capacity to tune in with ourselves, we become more able to tune in with other people.    

– Dr. Rick Hanson

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When you purchase the Beyond Mindfulness Resource Package, you’ll get full download and streaming access to audio and video of 31 presentations, dialogues, and guided meditations from our teachers broken into 5 days of themed content.

Day 1:  The Path of Mindfulness 

Day 2: Open Heart, Compassion, and Relationships

Day 3: Thriving in Challenge and Working with Difficult Emotions

Day 4: Mindfulness In Everyday Life

Day 5: Mindfulness as a Foundation of Social Transformation


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