Explore Mindfulness in your Health, Relationships, Work, and Service as a Path to Personal and Societal Transformation

When you envision an awake world, what does it look like?

Awake in the World is a collection of video lectures, dialogues, and guided meditations exploring what it means to create an awake world. At the heart of this series, is a meaningful exchange between you and respected social visionaries, thought leaders and wisdom holders. From their homes and workplaces they share their life’s work, tools and techniques for living a meaningful life, and offer guided meditations and contemplations to help involve everyone in creating a more mindful, compassionate world.

Learn from today’s most influential thinkers. Teachers including Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, Tara Brach, Seane Corn, and Charles Einstein share their wisdom on waking up through your personal practice, relationships, work and service.

Practice in the world. The Awake in the World teachers address the most difficult aspects of bringing practice and wisdom into everyday life. They bring a wealth of knowledge on handling stress, finding time and establishing a consistent routine, maintaining healthy relationships, cultivating compassion, bringing mindfulness to the workplace, and developing the qualities of an authentic leader.

Join us in exploring a path to a more awakened world!

Sneak Peeks

Fleet Maull – Know Your Power; You Always Have a Choice

Seane Corn – Yoga, the Divine, and Spiritual Activism

Seane Corn – Yoga, the Divine, and Spiritual Activism

Viewer Testimonials

After the meditation and practice throughout the day, I feel more nested in who I am and more accepting of all that is going on around me. I am free. I am peace. Thank you.

— Rebecca

Many thanks for the opportunity to participate. it was a great experience to be able to participate with teachers and the guided meditations were very helpful. I learned things that I have already incorporated into my practice. It was very worthwhile for me.

— Joseph A.

No question thus far, just deep gratitude for Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, all of the presenters, and all of the organizers. I have been eagerly anticipating this generous event

— Lisa

This is one of the best descriptions of meditation I have heard. Sakyong reminds us that we are all heroes on a journey–one that begins within. Thank you for this reminder.

— Monica B.


  The notion of “awake” is not some transcendant state, but a comprehensive notion of what’s actually going on around you.  

– Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche

  We all have the same wiring to have these emotions. And if we don’t take it personally, then we can begin the real healing.  

– Tara Brach

  How we care is not just saying ‘yes’ on Facebook, like this, like that. It means putting yourself into the lived experience.  

– Roshi Joan Halifax

  We can first experience strength, confidence, and bravery within ourselves, and then bring that into the rest of our lives–in our relationships, our work, in all our interactions.  

– Gaylon Ferguson

  Think of everything you hear and you say as just your opinion, just someone’s opinion. Opinions are the language of nonduality, of not knowing. If we can move away from thinking we know something to sharing our opinions, we could have dialogue.  

– Roshi Bernie Glassman

  Yoga actually asks you to stay present–to your feelings, to the feelings of others, to the suffering that does exist in the world as reality, ad provides s kills so that we can show up.  

– Seane Corn

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Day 2: Waking Up Through Personal Practice

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