Science of Meditation Free Summit Schedule

The Science of Meditation summit will air FREE over the course of 5 days from October 19-23. Each evening 3-5 videos will be made available and they will stay available for 48 hours. During this time you may view the videos whenever and however many times you like. Each dialogue, interview, and meditation is between 25-55 minutes long.

Each day the videos will air at 5pm PT | 6pm MT | 7pm CT | 8 pm ET. If you are tuning in internationally, click here to see what time that will be in your time zone.

Day 1, October 19 – Meditation for Attention: Balancing Focus and Relaxation

Day 2, October 20 – Meditation for Insight: Cultivating Self-Awareness and Embodiment

Day 3, October 21 – Meditation for Resilience: Working with Emotions and Stress

Day 4, October 22 – Meditation for Self-Compassion: Making Friends with Yourself

Day 5, October 22 – Meditation for Compassion and Altruism: Opening to Interconnection and Creating Change

You can scroll down this page to see a complete listing of teachers and which day they will be speaking on

Would You Like to Own the Full Recorded Event?

Recorded videos and audios of the event will be made available along with a number of additional resources and bonuses following the free 48-hour broadcast. More information and a sneak peak video are included below.

Complete Library of Summit Recordings Now Available

Get Unlimited Access to All Dialogues and Meditations plus Additional Unseen Footage

Thank you again for participating in this momentous event. We’re so glad to be offering this inspiring collection of dialogues and meditation teachings with such incredible teachers, and deeply hope it will be of benefit to you.

The summit teachers are speaking about the benefits of meditation and sharing their insights, but more than anything, they’re providing instruction on how to live a rich and meaningful life. They’re guiding you through meditation practices and offering tips for bringing these principles into your daily life.

You’ll be invited to explore a traditional path of meditation, focusing on 5 different techniques. Learning how to balance your mind, cultivating awareness, building emotional resilience, developing more self-compassion, and generating compassion for others.

In the summit videos we think you’ll find a number of those magical moments where your perspective shifts on the spot. It’s a bit like talking to a dear friend and getting just the advice you needed to hear.

With this resource package you’ll be able to revisit these teachings again and again. All event recordings are downloadable in audio (MP3) and video (MP4) so you can take them with you on your portable devices, play them in your car, during your run, or while you sip your morning coffee.

Proceeds from the resource package allow us to continue to produce this event and offer these free teachings all around the globe. We hope it will be of benefit to you and many others.

With Gratitude,

The Science of Meditation Team