Explore Mindfulness and Yoga in your Health, Relationships, and Work as a Path to Personal and Societal Transformation

The second annual Awake in the World is a collection of dialogues, presentations and guided meditations designed to help create a more mindful, compassionate world. At the heart of Awake in the World is a series of intimate exchanges between social visionaries, thought leaders and wisdom holders discussing their life’s work, and sharing their tools and techniques for living a meaningful life.

Learn from today’s most influential thinkers. Teachers including Susan Piver, Dr. Rick Hanson, and Jack Kornfield share their wisdom on waking up through your personal practice, relationships, work and service.

Practice in the world. The second annual Awake in the World teachers address pertinent issues around bringing practice into everyday life, including developing healthy relationships, cultivating compassion, practicing skillful communication, bringing mindfulness to the workplace, and developing the qualities of an authentic leader.

Join us on an exploration into a more Awakened World! 

Sneak Peeks

Acharya Dan Hessey – What Is an Awake World?

Kate Johnson – Cultivating Equanimity

Jack Kornfield – Being Intimate with Your World

Viewer Testimonials

The conference has been amazing, mind-blowing…I am sure it will have a big and far-reaching effect, bringing the dharma to many people. Many thanks. Do it again. Good work.

— Stephen

This is a wonderful demonstration of how the basic goodness of human beings can manifest in the use of technology.

— Alicia

Inspired and excited listening to these teachers…in Israel, where danger lurks so close, it is heartwarming to connect with this energy. Thank you!

— Yael, Israel

For me it has been one enormously moving experience, at the age of 70, to listen to the inspiring and fearless young voices in America taking Buddhism from its monastic retreat and bringing it out into the open everyday world…

— Hema, India


  Being awake is being fully alive and fully embodied.  

– Krista Tippet

  Waking up means being present to life as it is in a very straightforward and immediate and an intimate way.  

– Jack Kornfield

  Awareness is absolutely key to not only healing yourself, but for authentically participating in the world.  

– Seane Corn

  Meditation is about attaining a relationship with our true home, which is our awareness, through which states of mind can pass and be treated well as guests.  

– Shastri Ethan Nichtern

  A sense of flourishing, of well-being, of thriving, of accomplishment is only there if your heart is filled with benevolence and compassion.  

– Mattieu Ricard

  There is a way of being calm that is actually quite rich, vivid, expansive, and very much alive.  

– Kate Johnson

  Justice emerges from a deep sense of touching into the love of our own humanity.  

– Reverend Angel Kyodo Williams

  Presence and attention becomes really the stuff of secure attachment and love.  

– Stan Tatkin

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Day 1: Envisioning an Awakened World

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Day 2: Waking Up Through Personal Practice

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Day 3: Waking Up Through Relationships

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Day 4: Waking Up Through Work

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Day 5: Waking Up Through Service


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